WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress is one of the best content management systems available. From time to time your WordPress version, themes and plugins will require updating. Updates typically happen when developers release security updates or added functionality. It is good practice to keep all pieces updated to the latest versions. The top reasons for website getting hacked are insecure passwords and exploiting outdated software vulnerabilities. Give yourself peace of mind by having us update your website regularly. If you sign up for a maintenance plan, twice per month we completely update all items of your website.

It is important to backup your website regularly as well. Each month we will make sure there are regular backups created of your website as well as store them in the cloud so there is always extra copies available to restore any lost information.

We will also monitor your website for any unauthorized logins to protect your website security. Also, if your website goes down for any reason we will notify you and let you know why and how to fix.

Sometimes updates can cause lead to the breaking of your website. There are many reasons this can happen. Our maintenance plans are like an insurance policy, we will clear the site cache, test the updated software and fix any incompatibility issues and make sure your website is working correctly.

  • Maintenance plans starting at:
  • $75/ mo
    • Maintenance performed twice per month
    • Create backup of website
    • Update WP software, themes, plugins
    • Update security rules
    • Up-time / login monitoring
    • Empty site caches
    • Test updates
    • Repair incompatibility issues

  • Website updates:
  • $75/ hour
    • Minimum 1 hour charge

Website Updates

Do you need something on your website updated?

We can provide you with anything from text and image updates, to adding regular blog posts and even redesign your website to give your online presence an update.

Get Your Website Audit

Are you unsure how secure your website is? If your website was hacked, do you know where a proper backup is stored? Are you unhappy with the speed of your website?

We can audit your website, provide you with peace of mind and implement our suggestions so that you can be confident in your websites security.